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2014 San Diego Comic-Con Entertainment Weekly Portraits


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As has always been the case, I don’t require your help.

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So we a little over-saturated with photos from the Sebastian/Anthony panel or is there room for more? Some of the best ones I got & let me tell you, it was hard to decide because literally every single picture I got of him was gorgeous. 

Part 2 of 2

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He is too adorable for words!

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Hello Central Park! #favouriteplaces #finallyhere #sunshine

Hello Central Park! #favouriteplaces #finallyhere #sunshine

23 Signs You're An Old Soul »

Haha I love Buzzfeed. I absolutely relate to most of these!

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When Women Refuse »

Everybody read some of these true stories and then try to tell me that there aren’t problems with how how society treats women and how men think they are entitled to ‘own’ women.

It makes me sick and angry, even to the point of when guys get annoyed at girls for ‘friendship zoning’ them. I’m sorry are we not entitled to have our own opinion, make our own choices or simply say no to someone we have absolutely no interest in. Besides, you (men) should be so lucky to have female friends who are strong and independent and know what they want.

Maybe when you start seeing women as real people who have feelings and opinions, and who can change the world for the better, you’ll simply stop seeing us as a something on the stockmarket you can buy and sell just because you feel entitled to it. Because let me tell you, you’re not!

Also, read this which is along the same sort of lines

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The more I felt the incredible support from the community, the more difficult it was to ignore of the silent majority whose tormentors are not monsters lurking on busy streets, but their friends, acquaintances, husbands, lovers, brothers and fathers.

Tom Meagher, whose wife Jill Meagher was raped and murdered walking home in Melbourne. His essay on the ‘monster myth’ is a must read.

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Evryone needs to read this.

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Attention: Sebastian Stan Is Who Your Heart Should Lust For- Buzzfeed

I would also like to point out his eyes…just look at them!


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I just…love this so much!

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